August 23, 2017


Hating workouts lately? 

✓ Check.


Overindulged this summer *in all areas*?

✓ Check.

Want to get back into the swing of things this fall without it being boring, awful, and taking forever to see results?


✓ Check.

✓ Check.


If you’ve never really investigated Pilates you may think it’s kind of like yoga…some breathing here and stretching there, but Pilates is a much more amped-up workout with a ton of benefits!

Here are 5 reasons why Pilates will rock your world and change your exercise lifestyle forever!




BENEFIT OF PILATES #1: Abs for days…

Pilates is all about Getting S#$? Done. Why kill yourself with daily crunches when one Pilates session will keep those abs firing until the cows come home (or at least until the end of your work week)? A recent study found that after consistent Pilates training, on average, women were able to strengthen their rectus abdominis by 21 percent and eliminated imbalances between the right and left side!  It’s also great for women who suffer from diastasis recti – a common post-pregnancy related condition where the left and right sides of the rectus abdominis muscles separate – as the core engaging routines help train your abdomen to be stable during all sorts of postures, moves, and exercises.

BENEFITS OF PILATES #2: Become a Zen master!

Pilates is not only hard work physically, it keeps you on your mental game as well! You’re really forced to focus on A) your breath, B) your body and C) how they are moving together. Because this requires a lot of concentration, your mind can’t really wander to that place of work, finances and other drama for a whole hour! Where do we sign up?

BENEFITS OF PILATES #3 –  Boost your sexy time!

Since Pilates requires a lot more attention to your body you’ll find that one of the areas you will be activating over and over again is your pelvic floor. As the pelvic floor strengthens, you may find that you are experiencing better orgasms that come on quicker and last longer.  If that’s not incentive enough, a strong pelvic floor is vital for anyone wishing to conceive, is pregnant or has ever been pregnant…which is a lot of women out there!

BENEFITS OF PILATES #4 – It’s easy on the joints- even if your joints are in pain!

A lot of workouts involve jumping, pounding or just overall heavy lifting. Using a Pilates reformer, your slow, controlled movements will keep the joint impact to a minimum and will keep the pressure off your low back and knees. Also, with the reformer, you can do a lot of the leg exercises lying down so you aren’t working as hard against gravity as you would be if you were standing upright.

BENEFITS OF PILATES # 5 – Banish back pain – for good!

A study by the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy found that people who practiced Pilates for only 4 weeks experienced more relief from their chronic low back pain than those who tried other therapies. The best part? The pain stayed away for an entire year post-Pilates.

As a clinic that works regularly with individuals in physical pain, we found we were referring to Pilates so much that we decided to bring this amazing exercise IN HOUSE! Full Circle Health Network has teamed up with Momentum Pilates who will be opening up their second location in our downtown Kingston studio space! So if you want to give this amazing, life changing, workout a try, come on down!

We’ll be open for classes as of September 19th and you can find a schedule of all our reformer Pilates classes HERE.

Want to learn more about what a Pilates class is actually like for a beginner? 

Read our post about that HERE.

Want to try Pilates?

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Full Circle Health Network has teamed up with Momentum Pilates to start offering reformer Pilates in downtown Kingston!

Check out the details and get a copy of our reformer Pilates schedule HERE!


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