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August 25, 2017What to expect and other Frequiently Asked QuestionsFAQs There are several bike racks just left of the East Wing doors. Once through these doors continue until the end of the hall, we are the last suite on the right.   The Woolen Mill has FREE parking...

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What are you chasing?

How did you feel the last time you achieved a goal you had set for yourself? Do you remember the Freedom, the Joy, the Alignment, or the Bliss you were feeling? What if you didn’t have to wait to attain your goals to feel that way? To feel the way you want to feel?

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‘De-stress’ your life through food

March 9, 2017by Dr. Emilie Beaulieu, ND Try these calming food remedies that will ease upset stomachs, jittery nerves, stressful moods and high blood pressure. Find a little calm in your life through healthy food choices!   Acai Berries - are a fruit that has become...

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Take Charge of your Health

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As one gets a little older pains are inevitable. FCHN really helps. They have done wonders for me.

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