WHat is Reiki?

When we don’t feel right; when we find ourselves overly impatient, teary, angry or just flat out exhausted, we far too often tuck it away and carry on with our day, too busy to give it much regard. One day flows into the next, and suddenly we realize that something is terribly wrong and our system is in a deep state of stress. We feel anxious, we can’t sleep, our back has given out, or worse, we find ourselves very ill. When things fall into such a state of disharmony (this can be physical, mental or emotional), our nervous system becomes depleted, our immune system overloaded, and it is challenging to bring ourselves back into balance. This is where Reiki can support you. It is a gentle yet very effective means of healing that allows a person to strengthen their entire system to find healing.

We are all energy, our physical tissues, our mental chatter, our deeply ingrained beliefs, each one directly impacting the rest. Reiki helps your energy increase in vibration so that your system can do what it innately knows how to, to work efficiently and to heal. This is what our systems are built to do. Cells are programmed to keep our systems clean and functioning optimally, and cells can also respond to the mind and its direction. We need to help our bodies and minds out, however when we forget to or life makes it increasingly difficult to, Reiki can step in to support getting you back on track. Like a river, energy wants to flow, and a Reiki practitioner supports getting those blockages out of the way in order for that to happen.

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” 


Within just a few sessions, some of the many benefits that one can expect to experience are:

〄   Promotion of Health & Wellbeing

〄   Help with Pain Management

〄   Fostering of Mental Clarity

〄   Improvement of Meditative State

〄   Releasing of Muscle Stress & Tension

〄   Relieving of Anxiety & Depression

〄   Aiding in Relaxation

〄   Strengthening the Immune & Digestive Systems

〄   Improvement of the Natural Healing Process

〄   Clearing of Toxins

〄   Promoting a Peaceful & Positive Outlook

Reiki is not affiliated with any religion or religious practice, nor does one need to be spiritual to benefit from it, however for some it can be a very spiritual experience.

The client will remain fully clothed during their treatment.

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How does
reiki work?

Want to better understand how Reiki works?

Check out what the scientific community is saying about Reiki below!

Center for Reiki Research

Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study

National Center for Biotechnology Information


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Initial Assessment & Reiki Treatment (90 min) $105
Follow-up Reiki Treatment (60 min) $75
Follow-up Reiki Treatment (90 min) $105

All pricing reflects 2020 rates.

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